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A Guide to getting the best Free Bet Offers

Free Bets are offered by virtually all of the online bookies as a way to get new customers to sign up and bet at their website.  It is therefore important that you get good information on any bookmaker before signing up - you will need such info as how long the bookie has been trading for, whether they have a good reputation and whether there are any hidden loopholes for claiming their special offers.

Why do bookies offer free bets?

Because they want your custom!  There are so many online bookies that the only way they can stand out is to offer a good opening bonus offer, just don’t get caught out with the terms and conditions as we’ll explain below.

Why should I have more than one betting account?

You should ALWAYS have more than one betting account, the more you can have the better.  The reason for this, is that if you use a good odds comparison site like Oddschecker, you will be able to shop around and get the best odds available.  If you do a lot of betting then this will really add up to much better value over a period of time and increase your betting profits by a large margin.

How do I get the best free betting offers?

You can get the best free bets by going to the relevant pages of this site, we have gathered together all the best free bets on the market, just go to the drop-down menus and pick which bookie you want to join.  If you go direct to the bookies you won’t receive the same offers as you can get here on this site.

How do I use my free bet?

Once you have signed up with the bookmaker, there are various ways in which you can use your free bet, this may differ slightly by bookie, but is usually the same.  There is usually a section within ‘My Account’ for most bookies where your free bet will be shown.  To use your free bet, you can usually select it from a drop-down menu when you have added your selections to the betting slip.

When can I withdraw the money if I win?

Here’s where things differ from bookie to bookie.  Back at the start of internet gambling, during the early 2000’s, you could get a free bet, bet it once and if it won you’d be able to withdraw your winnings straight away.  However, too many people started doing this and the bookmakers realised that they were losing too much money as people were taking a free offer and then never coming back, so now there are rules to do with these bonuses.

Typically the bookies will say that you have to ‘bet through’ the amount of your bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw it.  An example here is, you might have to bet through your free bet 3 times before you can withdraw your winnings, so keep your eyes peeled for these types of things.  These things obviously don’t really matter if you are a proper betting punter who is going to make a few bets, they only introduced these rules to stop people coming along, betting once and then clearing off, never to return!

What about No Deposit Offers?

They are a good way of trying out a bookie for free, as you can go to the bookie without having to fill out lots of bank details forms, you can try their website and find out if you like betting with them.  However, the flip side to no deposit free bets is that they tend to have more terms and conditions built in, so you might have to bet through the free bonus many times before you can withdraw it back out.  So always keep your eyes on the terms and conditions.

Can I trust the bookmaker sites?

Most of the bookies around nowadays are very safe, reliable and secure.  On this site, we only recommend and work with bookmakers who have a long-standing of being trustworthy and reliable, we would not recommend any bookies who didn’t fully honour their promises.